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Are you new to the craziness of the gluten-free lifestyle? Are you looking for GF-friendly restaurants in the NOVA area? You’re in the right place. This site is your one stop shop to all things gluten-free in the DMV area. Enjoy and thanks for visiting!

About Gluten Free NOVA Girl

Joyana McMahon is a gluten-free mom, wife, writer and celiac expert.

She began a gluten-free lifestyle in 2012 and has grown to relish the craziness it brings to her life. In 2014 she began writing about her journeys- from scavenger hunts for gluten-free foods in foreign cities, to her experiments with gluten-free baking in the kitchen. She has since been published in magazines like Gluten Free Living, Eating Well, and Delight.

She hopes she can help you feel more comfortable with the gluten-free lifestyle and find joy in the adventures along the way!

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