Gluten-Free Restaurants in Reston VA

Gluten Free Restaurants in Reston VA

Reston Town Center has long been one of my favorite places for gluten-free dining. I think I’ve actually even referred to it as GF Mecca lol!

But seriously, there are a TON of gluten-free restaurants in Reston VA and I can’t wait to share them and highlight my favorites below. *s are favorites!

For starters, there’s Jackson’s Mighty Fine Foods– one of the Great American Restaurant Group I’ve mentioned before. It’s right across from one of the main parking garages and has a great gluten-free menu! They’ve always taken my GF order preparation and questions very seriously.

Uncle Julio’s is a fantastic family-friendly option! Good Mexican food and a casual atmosphere. Just beware their chips they bring to the table are NOT GF. FYI many chips at Mexican restaurants are not because of a shared fryer, so make sure you always ask! They also do not have a dedicated GF menu, but will substitute almost anything upon request.

Not Your Average Joe’s- * This has to be one of my favorite places to eat in Reston! They are just SOO amazing in how they handle GF orders. They even have a separate window for all allergy orders and a separate staff member walks it over to the table! They have a huge gluten-free menu and even recently expanded it. This one is definitely a can’t miss!

The Counter * is a dedicated burger/fry/milkshake place. AMAZING! They have a dedicated fryer, gluten-free buns and literally have a burger injected with cheese! American Comfort food doesn’t get better than this! They take GF orders seriously, double checking ingredients, but almost everything can be made GF.

Bartaco * has a fun, casual beachy feel. It almost makes you feel like you’re on vacation. They offer creative taco offerings and almost EVERYTHING on their menu is gluten-free! They even have a ton of rice bowl options.

True Food Kitchen is a health-conscious, clean eating experience. They have interesting offerings like a quinoa Mediterranean burger. Their menu changes by the season to incorporate only in-season produce. They also have another location in the Mosaic district in Fairfax.

Clyde’s is another American comfort food type offering. They clearly label their GF options on the menu and offer GF buns for their burgers and sandwiches.

There are other options as well, but these were the ones that I felt had the most offerings available. Please let me know if there’s one I missed, I know Reston Town Center is constantly expanding!

Disclaimer: Always make sure you still ask about preparation and safety. Restaurant staff and policies are constantly changing. Due diligence is always necessary when it comes to preventing cross-contact and mistakes with ingredients. 

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