Gluten Free in Fairfax VA

Gluten Free in Fairfax VA
Gluten Free in Fairfax VA

I was recently approached and asked about options to eat gluten free in Fairfax VA. My answer is- All Over! There are SOO many places coming out with gluten-free menus now.

Especially, if you head over to the Fairfax or Springfield areas there are TONS of gluten-free options available. There’s also even a few gluten-free friendly places FINALLY in the Burke area itself, although they are still mainly fast food places like Chipotle, CAVA and Chick-Fil-A. For this particular post though, I’m only including actual sit down restaurants. Here are a few of my favorites.

Mosaic District– I have long said the Mosaic District is GF paradise. They just keep getting better and better with gluten-free offerings. These restaurants all have GF offerings available.

Oath Pizza-
Sisters Thai (Also has a location in Fairfax city)-
Taylor Gourmet-

Fairfax City- Another charming area, the city area around George Mason and the courthouse is getting a number of great gluten-free options!

High Side-

Springfield Town Center– The new Springfield mall is getting some great places that offer gluten-free options.

Zinburger- (Fantastic shakes and children’s menu available as well)

Clifton– This is one of my FAVORITE areas! It is such a cute little villages with great historic charm and there are some great restaurants with GF offerings.

Trattoria Villagio- (GF pasta available and they will tailor make almost anything for you. Customer service is AMAZING!)
Trummer’s on Main-

I know there are probably more I missed, please comment below or reach out and let me know of any others. Thanks!

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