Best Gluten Free Apps

Best GF Apps

Apps are an inherent part of our culture. We always want something that makes our lives easier, right? So is there a way an app can make our gluten-free lifestyle easier? You bet! Here is a round-up of the BEST gluten free apps!

  • Find Me Gluten Free One of my favorites! This app has saved my butt on long car trips on more than one occasion. Think of it as Yelp for gluten-free people. Just plug in a zip code or allow it to find the nearest gluten-free place by your current location (hence the help on long car trips). It will list all the nearby places with gluten free menus along with their reviews. My favorite part is reviewers will even mention if they consider a place “celiac safe” vs just gluten-free- because we all know – there IS a difference!
  • The GF Scanner– This one is my favorite one to recommend to newbies especially. There is nothing more confusing than reading a label and wondering what some ingredients even are let alone if they’re gluten-free! The GF Scanner takes out the guess-work. All you have to do is scan the barcode and it runs it through a database and pops up with a stoplight rating. Green the product is safe, Yellow-questionable, Red-avoid- it contains gluten. Stress-free grocery shopping anyone? Download the Scanner!
  • The Celiac Disease Program app I admit I’m a little biased for this one since I DID work at Children’s for years and helped create it. But I truly believe this app is a fantastic resource! There are flashcards of GF and non GF ingredients, recipes, cooking and other educational videos, a grocery shopping video game, podcast episodes and more! If you’re looking for a one stop shop educational resource, this app is it!
  • iEatOut If you like multicultural cuisine, this app is for you! This app allows users to explore different traditional cuisines ranging from Thai, Chinese, Indian, French etc. You can then browse through menu choices to see where gluten might be hiding. It helps you discern what options you may need to steer clear from and what questions you may need to ask about preparation to make a choice. Think of it as a cheat sheet to gluten-free menu navigation! If you’re looking for more information about choosing gluten free restaurants- make sure to visit my Gluten Free Restaurant page!
  • Cook It Allergy Free– This last one focuses on helping you at home. For all you cooks in the kitchen trying to transition your recipe arsenal, the Cook It Allergy Free app can make it easier. Use their filter to make any recipe fit your allergy needs with suggested substitutions. This is exceptionally helpful for families with both gluten-free and other food allergies since the app can help you filter recipes for both ingredients.

There are so many apps and resources out there, but I truly believe these are the best gluten free apps I’ve found. Hope they make your lives a little easier. Enjoy!

Best Gluten Free Products

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