Gluten Free Travel Agents

Gluten Free Travel Agents

Your guides to a stress-free gluten free vacation!

Travel Gluten Free

Gluten Free Travel Agents Can Help!

It can feel intimidating to travel gluten free. But it doesn’t need to be. There are experts who know the gluten free vacation industry intimately. These experts are gluten free travel agents!

Gluten Free Travel Agents Actually Exist?

Believe it or not they do! Not only are they experts on the travel industry in general, they have contacts all over the world who they know and trust for their gluten free knowledge and expertise. It’s a super win for you! They can get you deals on airfare, hotels etc,. They plan the itinerary for you. And since many of these travel agents have celiac disease themselves, you can trust them to vet all the food and preparation for you.

How Does it Work?

Some of the travel agents have established connections and pre-fabbed itineraries on their sites. Others start from scratch each time. However, they are all willing to personalize and work with you to make your particular trip special. All you need to do is tell them where you want to go , your interests, activity level and goals for the trip and they will work their magic!

How Expensive Will This Be?

No m ore expensive than the trip itself! It’s a misnomer that using a travel agent adds to the expense of the trip. In fact, if anything using a travel agent can actually make your trip more affordable! They make their money from commissions from the vendors, not from you. They also are the first to hear about deals and upgrade opportunities. So although you might see an initial price listed cheaper for something online, you’ll still get a better vacation experience and more bang for your buck if you will, by booking through a travel agent.

Where Can I Find a Gluten Free Travel Agent?

Here are a few trusted ones. But always check back here because I’ll regularly be updating with more of my favorite experts and opportunities in the gluten free travel world!

Check out more information about gluten free travel here!

Download my free guide to gluten free travel!

Nervous to travel gluten free? You don’t have to be! Read this guide on the benefits of gluten free travel and how you can even make it an exciting adventure!

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