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Gluten Free Fast Food

What Fast Food is Gluten-Free?

Fast Casual dining is becoming the most popular way to dine. More and more chains are joining the industry. And numbers show their quick order and eat options meet society demands. However, is there anything for a gluten-free person? What fast food is gluten-free? Are there fast food restaurants that can safely prepare gluten-free food?…

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gluten-free sunblock

Gluten-Free Sunblock

Is gluten-free sunblock necessary? One of the questions I get asked often is how necessary is it to use gluten-free sunblock and personal care products? One thing I want to make clear as I offer my answer is, gluten CANNOT be absorbed through your skin! The only way to be exposed to gluten is by…

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Celiac Disease Genetic Test

The Celiac Disease Genetic Test is an amazing way to determine individuals who are at higher risk for celiac disease. However, it can also be difficult to understand. Follow below as I break down the process. For starters, insurance does not cover the celiac disease genetic test automatically. Physicians normally have to make a case…

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